I am a hobbyist composer and producer of electronic music of various kinds. My influences include Hip Hop, Big Beat and Electronica. I also write and record my own lyrics from time to time.

In case you are interested in what equipment I use for creating my music, please have a look here.

If you are looking for the music I did together with Giacomo Novembre, please visit intermezzo.fladd.de



These are my newest finished tracks.


These are my newest instrumentals, snippets and work in progress.

More music

Here you find a list of all (well, at least most of) the older music I have done.

Freekjam (2008)
Very funny and short jam with one of my flatmates, made with Reaper

Zcv (2008)
A Hip Hop beat again, made with Reaper

Testing (2008)
Nice Hip Hop beat with a great synth lead, made with Reaper

Jamkaifloundsoarrangement (2008)
Short Bigbeat style jam with a friend of mine, made with Reaper

Marlene (2008)
A short song I wrote for a friend of mine as a present for Christmas 2007, made with in Reaper

Bla (2007)
Dance/House style track for which I couldn't come up with a proper name, made with EnergyXT2

Thinking about Yesterday (2007)
Some laid back melodic beat, made with EnergyXT

New edit 3 (2006)
A very nice electronic track which unfortunately has no real name yet, made with Tracktion

Nicht die leiseste Ahnung (2006)
Certainly one of my best Hip Hop beats (including a chorus), made with Tracktion

Ghost in the Beat (2006)
A cool Bigbeat track with a sample from the movie Ghost in the Shell, made with Tracktion

Lärm (2006)
Another cool Hip Hop beat for which the lyrics are not recorded yet, made with Tracktion

Sehnsucht (2006)
Sort of melancholic track (Lyrics not recorded yet), made with Tracktion

Dancefloor (2005)
Funny Dance track which was created on one evening under the influence of too much alcohol, made with Tracktion

Neue Musikkür (2005)
This one was made for my new music exercise in wheelgymnastics, made with Live

Synthiebeat (2005)
A Bigbeat track with synths and a trompet, made with Live

Klavier (2004)
A short orchestra arrangement, made with Live

Dance (2004)
Some Dance/House track, made with Live

Rave (2004)
An oldschool rave track, made with Live

Rapbeat (2004)
A short rap beat, made with Live

Gitarre (2004)
A short Hip Hop beat with a gutiar sample, made with Live

Groove (2004)
Another short Hip Hop beat, made with Live
Live (2004)
My first experiments in Live

Beat (2004)
First steps in Buzz

First Track (2001)
This is one of my first tracks and the first Hip Hop beat I have done, made with Drumstation and Music Maker